Discover Lille area


Our holiday cottages La Verdiere is perfectly located so you can enjoy visiting Lille area.

The Lille metropolis and its neighborhood offer beautiful discoveries: museums, architecture, and memory trails.

We suggest you the following things to do/ to see during your stay in the North of France.

Façades du Vieux Lille

 Le Vieux Lille

Le Vieux-Lille is the oldest and the most charming district of the city.

It is appreciated for its architecture and its historic monuments such as the Rihour palace or the Countess home.

Its numerous shops also make it a great place for shopping lovers.

Visits of Vieux-Lille: guided tours organized by the Tourism office of Lille (you can book tickets online) or at La Verdiere.


Museum of Modern Art - Villeneuve d'Ascq

More than 6500 works of art and 3 collections of modern art, naive art and contemporary art.

It is today one of the most important museum in Lille area.

Situated at less than 10 minutes from our guesthouse, you must visit it in Lille area if you are into Art (or just curious!).

The tickets range from 7 to 11€ depending on what you want to see.

Façade du musée d'art moderne


Intérieur du musée de la piscine

Museum of Swimming Pool - Le Musée de la Piscine

This important museum of Lille area presents important collections of applied arts and fine arts from 19th century.

Its name is from art deco swimming pool in which it has been built. It is a must-see during your stay.

Tickets are from 9 to 11€


La Villa Cavrois

Villa Cavrois is the emblematic work art of the architect Robert Mallet-Stevens.

Built for Paul Cavrois, textile industrialist of the north of France, the Villa Cavrois is an item of modernism in Lille area.

Caroline & Luc really liked this place, and will discuss about it with you with pleasure.

Ticket is 8 €


Façade sud de la Villa Cavrois


Grande galerie du Louvre Lens

Le Louvre Lens

Louvre Lens is the symbole of Mineral Field reconversion of Nord Pas de Calais. It is the most busy museum of the area.

Temporary exhibitions are regularly organized in its 3 galleries, which permits its visitors to admire various work arts.

Situated at 40 kms from La Verdiere, Louvre Lens welcomes each year numerous tourists during their cultural stay.

It's free or 6€ if you want to see a temporary expo


Memory Trails - Les chemins de mémoire

We advise you to explore the history of the Great War thanks to 4 memory trails fitted out by the region.

By visiting the various places: cemeteries, memorials, necropolises etc., you will discover various facets of the war 14-18.

For the sportsmen, there are numerous cycle ways and hike.

To have more info, discover the official site of the ways of memory

Logo des chemins de mémoire